Architecture Commercial Skyscraper

101 Park Avenue

629-foot, 50-story modernist office building completed in 1982. Designed by Eli Attia, it is clad in a curtain wall of black metal and glass. The tower’s plan is rotated at a 45° angle from the block geometry, with the north and south halves offset. Two corners of the rectangular plan were cut off and then added to the remaining corners, bringing the composition back to the block grid and creating alignments at the street with the base. The main, southwest side is fronted with a large grey granite plaza, providing a link between the exterior and interior of the building as well as an urban breathing space in an area that lacks public open spaces. At the east end of the plaza, above the entrance/exit to the underground parking garage, a 7-story segment angles forward to connect with the neighboring building to the east. The building on the site prior housed the offices of the Tooker & Marsh architectural firm.

There are two main entrances – at the southwest facade at the rear of the plaza, and on the north facade on 41st Street. The southwest entrance has three wide bays with revolving doors, framed by four large, 5-story grey granite columns that support the floors above the steep-angled, glass skylight that tops the entrances. The north entrance has three recessed revolving doors. There is a recessed, large, angled grey granite column between the western two doorways and a smaller, non-recessed granite column further to the east. At the far east end of the ground floor is a freight entrance with a black roll-down metal gate. The glass forming the ceiling of the entry vestibule angles up toward the front, composed of large, square panes. The same clear-glass panes replace the smaller, darker panes of the rest of the facade above the entrance, extending up for several floors at various points. A section of these panes also extends to the east above the ground floor, ending above the freight entrance and the small angled section that juts forward to meet the wall of the adjoining building. There is a small cutaway at the northwest corner of the lobby, with a revolving door, and a granite column supporting the floors above.

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